About Aseel

Aseel is a technology solutions company, created because the international development sector lags in the integration of technology into its services. Able to spend an industry leading 89% of emergency relief donations on food (compared to 64% for World Food Program), they are bringing efficiency unseen in this part of the global economy. They also buy all their food and aid packages in Afghanistan, unlike many NGOs which fly that food into the country, ensuring that the money continues to cycle through local community.

Beyond emergency response, Aseel have helped bring local artisans in Afghanistan to the global online market place. They have recently expanded this work to Turkey. Aseel realizes aid is not enough. Without a sustainable means of commerce, the cycle of poverty and aid will never end. Aseel is addressing both immediate needs and targeting the root cause of the problem. Handmade goods are the lifeblood for many on this planet and is a $750B market but the market leader, Etsy, does less than $3B in annual sales. Most of the world is completely left out. Aseel has brought 800+ Afghan artisans online and made more than 10,000 of their products accessible to the global consumer.

For those interested in learning more about Aseel, check out their website, or you can read about them in Time (, one of many publications which has highlighted their work.


Literate Earth Ambassador

May 2018 - July 2018 Kampala, Uganda
“Working with the teachers and students to improve their literacy skills, to inculcate a reading culture and to build a bridge between the library and class. I also like the fact that I organized competitive activities like debate, essay writing, reading, story writing, and poems with the purpose engaging children inside the library, to build TEAM spirit, and leadership skills. I was also delighted to attend one of the Literate Earth Project (LEP) library openings at a primary school called Ssanje. It was a privilege for me to see the school shift from a no library to a library. LEP had impacted this students life by making literature accessible, the students can have access to literature either it is for pleasure or academically. ”
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