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About Artemis Connection

Artemis Connection unleashes workplace productivity through innovative talent solutions, using data and design thinking. We’re a virtual consulting firm that helps companies create and innovate by making their teams happier and more productive at work. We specialize in creating holistic, tailored talent strategies, and we assess, ideate, iterate, implement, and monitor progress to improve talent outcomes (e.g., recruiting, retention, development, engagement, and productivity). Our specific offerings include traditional consulting engagements (e.g., diagnostics, benchmarking, and implementation/accountability supports), immersive professional development, and long-term staffing.

Our founder is Christy Johnson, an entrepreneur, educator, and former McKinsey engagement manager. Our advisors include HR officers, executive coaches, academics, entrepreneurs, and neuroscientists. Our team is made up of seasoned consultants, trained at organizations such as McKinsey & Company, the Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs, Walt Disney, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Kennedy School, and many more.

From a the perspective of a potential employee, though, what makes Artemis Connection unique is the opportunity to combine this first-rate consulting experience with the flexibility that many other consulting firms don’t offer. In short, we’re a consulting firm for experienced top-tier consultants who still want to deliver exemplary value for clients but who need more flexibility in their professional and personal lives. Specifically, we’re flexible with where you want to work and how many hours you want to work – meaning no rigid expectations of being at the client every day, living in a certain city, or clocking in a full 50 hours (or more) each week. Instead, we work with you to understand what flexibility that you need to make consulting work for you. Currently, our team members are spread across the country, engaging with clients remotely (and occasionally on-site, as client needs dictate) and working varied hours (ranging from 10 hours/week to 50 hours/week). We offer market-rate compensation based on the outcomes that you deliver and the number of hours and weeks that you will be leading project work. Because we’re a recently established, and quickly growing, organization, we also offer employees the opportunity to be involved in some of the operations it takes to form and scale a company – a great experience if you’re considering starting your own company someday.

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April 2018 - September 2018 Seattle, WA
“Responsibilities of working at a smaller company—able to work with clients, create executive documents, research primary and secondary sources and analyze data, and recommend growth options. ”
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