Software Developer

May 2017 • Palo Alto, CA

What I liked

Working as a Software developer is quite interesting. On the job training is really helpful. It is nothing like learning from an online course, we try to build algorithms and get work done. The skills that I am enhancing keeps me motivated to get up from the bed and go to work.

What I wish was different

Wish I knew what hiring managers/team/organizations expect from a grad/undergrad student. All we expect from a student is the ability to learn and obviously basics of computing.


If you receive an offer from your first interview, congrats you have done it. If you don't then its a definitely a good sign. I learned a lot by giving many interviews. Yes, I was frustrated by the fact that I wasn't able to crack the coding interview. But, I was becoming a better judge of my skills and I was able to concentrate on the weak links. I became confident of giving interviews and when I started working at Ariba the confidence was very well reflected in the quality of code I started to write at work.
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