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Are there any qualities/experiences I should focus on in an interview for a Data Operations Internship at Argus?

From my experience in the interview process you have to be able to describe yourself as an analytical person who can adapt and problem solve with little management. The job entails coding so they look for that kind of background but don’t stress if you’ve never coded. I never did and they are wil...
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Do data operations interns at Argus receive a lot of training before starting work?

The training for me because I didn’t know coding was basically sitting with a full time analyst to learn the database as best as I can then move on to learn to code. The coding language they use is SQL it’s tough at first but like any other language it becomes more clear and easy the more you do ...
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What did you like and didn't like about being a Credit Card Intern at Argus?

This was a great job for a student, as it gave me real insight into an industry that will become increasingly relevant to students as they enter the adult world. I used my data analysis skills in a way that required research, statistical knowledge, and excel skills. It was a great way to spend th...
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Do any of you have any good questions I should ask a recruiter at a job fair for Argus?

There are two questions that would be good to ask a recruiter. 1) What kinds of Excel skills are most important for interns to know before coming in. Is there any way you know to improve or refresh my knowledge on these platforms? 2) Will I receive any training or mentorship opportunities while I...
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