Sales Rep

May - August 2019 • Fort Lauderdale, FL

What I liked

Things I loved about the actual job was that you get to meet and talk to all kinds of different people. This job really pushes you outside of your comfort zone is so many ways. I loved the growth I saw in myself. I seeing how it affected my confidence for the better. It was also a huge mental exercise because you constantly fight negativity all day. What I loved most of all is not the job itself it is the financial freedom that it gives me. It is a means to and end for me personally, however I know many people who like to make this job a life long career and more power to them.

What I wish was different

I wish I wasn't the only girl on the team! Every girl that came out, left after only a couple of weeks! Come on girls!


If you're going to do summer sales DO NOT accept anything under 40% commission. Make sure you're rent bonus is attainable so if you're a first year. play it safe and shoot for 100 accounts at least (if you're doing pest) You would be wasting your time and energy getting any less than that. When looking for a company it's so crucial to find one with an amazing training program that's one of the reasons I chose Aptive. But if you got a sucky manager it doesn't do much. Which leads me to my last point, a good manager is EVERYTHING. You have to know that they have your back because they have the power to screw you out of so much money. Find someone you trust.
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