Anthem Memory Care

Certified Nursing Assistant

June - August 2018 • Oak Lawn, IL

What I liked

I really liked working with other healthcare professionals to care for people with dementia. I learned a lot through this job that I know I will apply to future jobs. I also really enjoyed building relationships with the residents, their families, and my coworkers.

What I wish was different

When I first started, the community had been open for less than a month. Although I really enjoyed being part a new community, some things were not quite established yet as everyone was still trying to figure out their role.


For anyone planning on becoming a nurse, I highly recommend working as a CNA. This experience taught me what it is like to work in healthcare. Also as a CNA, I recommend building good relationships with all your coworkers, not just other CNAs, but the nurses, managers, and housekeepers. This will make working more enjoyable, but also they will be more willing to help you out when you are having a really busy day.
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