Android Industries

About Android Industries

Android supplies complex modular assemblies and manages the global supply chain. Android’s portfolio of products includes chassis modules; a wide variety of suspension modules, front horizontals, front and rear verticals, and a signature product and globally patented process for tire and wheel assembly. Android’s team also assembles interior product such as instrument panels / cockpit modules, consoles, doors, and headliners / overhead modules, using Android’s proprietary technology.

Since 1974, Android has designed and built its own tooling and equipment, incorporating lean manufacturing principles and poke yoke / error proofing throughout all assembly processes. Our unique tooling and equipment competency allows Android to offer its customers a cost and quality advantage because Android’s manufacturing system is flexible and scalable, easily adapted to match fluctuating market demands.


Network Intern

June 2019 - October 2019 Auburn Hills, MI
“I was able to put all of the knowledge I learned from school and put it to a practical use. The work environment was great and my boss really helped me learn and understand everything that went on.”

Design intern

January 2017 Auburn Hills, MI
“I love the atmosphere everyone is so nice and professional. They all help me grow as an engineer”
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