Amity Companies, LLC

About Amity Companies, LLC

Amity Companies invests in both real estate properties and in real estate companies.

Corporate Investments
We have deep experience investing in real estate related enterprises. Deals encompass providing platforms with growth capital, investing in restructuring transactions, and offering companies accretive structured financing.

Direct Investments
A significant focus is the acquisition of workforce and affordable housing. The scarcity of high-quality, low-cost housing underpins a safe investment thesis.

Special Situations
Many of our investments are "special situations" – complex deals in which sellers and partners appreciate our creativity, breadth of knowledge, and long-term approach.


Real Estate Private Equity Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 Portland, ME
“The team at Amity Companies has some of the kindest and most supportive people I have ever met. I went into this internship with limited knowledge about the real estate industry, but everyone's patience and appreciation for my effort make my summer absolutely worth it and educational. While it was a professional environment, there was a strong sense of friendship, which was probably what liked the most.”
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