American Shorthorn Association

About American Shorthorn Association

The American Shorthorn Association provides quality service and support to its members by promoting the value of Shorthorn cattle in all aspects of the beef industry, while maintaining the integrity of the herd book and performance database.

The American Shorthorn Association is committed to each member’s success and the integrity of the breed through pedigree processing, performance information and industry presence, while acknowledging the variation of individual goals.

Timely and accurate Maintenance of pedigrees and performance data and expansion of database
Maintain and increase membership and registration numbers.
Educate members (junior and senior) and engage them in the long-term efforts of ASA through increased member input and via surveys, open meetings, committee structure and state association input.
Promote, coordinate and support marking of Shorthorn cattle with particular emphasis on commercial markets and also through public exhibition.
Utilize technology in the beef industry to improve the Shorthorn breed, identify genetic conditions, and encourage and assist members in genetic improvement.
Generate revenue to support all goals.
Timely review of progress of each goal
The ASA records approximately 15,000 animals each year. More than 20,000 head are maintained in the association’s whole herd registry. The current membership is in excess of 2,500 adult members, with more than 4,000 juniors on the membership roll.

Current statistics for the ASA as of 2017

Registrations: 14,832, with nearly 7,978 transfers
ShorthornPlus = 23.4% of total registrations
WHR enrollment: 22,000 head
Top 5 States:
1. Iowa
2. Illinois
3. Indiana
4. Ohio
5. Kansas


Communications Intern

May 2020 - July 2020 Kansas City, MO
“I really liked getting some real world experience in graphic design and communications and the staff was awesome! The association also made me a lot of connections that I've already gotten to use!”
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