American Inline, Inc.

About American Inline, Inc.

Founded by Greg Keim in 1993, American Inline is a leader in providing intelligent, creative summer camps for kids in the Washington DC area. Providing an array of sports programs exclusively on wheels, American Inline has a summer camp on wheels for every child, ages three to thirteen.

American Inline's clients are large recreation agencies and private schools. Nine out of ten of the top recreation agencies in Northern Virginia and Maryland outsource summer camps to American Inline. Seven out of ten of the most exclusive private schools in the Washington DC area partner with American Inline for summer camps.

American Inline is the exclusive provider and the only option for government agencies and schools to partner with, configure and provide a summer camp on wheels to their community of parents and children.

American Inline's combination of risk management and staff training, reinforced by our curriculum, experience and intelligence, create fun, safety and security at summer camp. Our unique assets include mobile, portable bike & skate parks with all the necessary tools for a safe, exciting summer camp on wheels.

American Inline's network includes sixty-five trained, certified instructors, twenty-four agency/school partners and over 55,000 satisfied parents. Learn fast, be safe and have fun at American Inline Summer Camp on Wheels!


Camp Director

June 2019 - August 2019 Fairfax, VA
“I practiced endurance in a range of outdoor conditions, learned how to manage a team, and honed creative skills necessary for teaching groups of children with different ages and abilities. I enjoyed working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.”

Camp Director Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Fairfax, VA
“I loved that the job required me to work with children everyday. I also liked that I learned a great amount of hands on management experience through my position.”
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