American Bear Association


May - August 2017 • Orr, MN

What I liked

Being able to work so closely with wildlife is amazing, you really can't get the same experience with bears (or working with large wildlife, really) anywhere else. The area is beautiful, the staff, interns, and volunteers make the work really fun and mentally stimulating, and there's a wide variety of tasks to do. Being a full-time intern here for a summer and doing such a diverse array of tasks helped me further develop my opinions on wildlife and natural resource management topics.

What I wish was different

I wish I prepared more for how different the area is compared to what I'm used to -- I had to buy lots of extra bug spray, rain gear, etc. because I wasn't fully prepared for the climate.


Prepare to get in tune with yourself, mentally and physically! There isn't much electricity or running water on grounds, so you learn to live without having your phone 24/7, without having access to a full bathroom all the time, etc. You'd go several days -- a week without showering, but that was part of the fun and beauty of it all.
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