Amazing Fairytale Parties

Children’s Birthday Party Entertainer

July 2019 • Sacramento, CA

What I liked

It pays very well and it’s extremely flexible. You can say yes or no to as many gigs as you want.

What I wish was different

I wish they were able to train us and provide us with more resources to get started. I had to buy my own face paint kits, balloons and learn how to face paint and make balloon animals. I also had to purchase a lot of my own costumes, which gets expensive.


If you’re an actor and you’re looking a side hustle. This job is perfect. You get to practice your improvisation skills, do your own makeup and costume, and work with children, which is a good skill and highly applicable to other jobs. You just have to be very confident in yourself and make sure you are organized and prepared for when kids are rowdy or not paying attention.
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