Help! What should I highlight in my interview for AlphaSights?

The main qualities that you should exhibit are a hardworking demeanor, being outgoing and personable, and an ability to multitask and work quickly.
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How much support should I expect from upper management at AlphaSights?

You should expect to receive lots of support from the upper management at AlphaSights. One of the things that they are most proud of is the weekly meetings that you will have with your superiors to discuss your progress throughout the internship.
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I've secured an interview at AlphaSights for a summer associate position. What do I need to know going into it?

As AlphaSights is in a rather new industry of expert network service providers, I would highly suggest you do some research on what they actually do and not be confused about their business model. The most common misconception about them is that they are not a consulting company; rather, their cl...
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What to expect in any given work day as a summer associate at AlphaSights?

The great thing about AlphaSight’s Summer Associate role is that they almost immediately let you do exactly what the Full-Time Associates do, which is to contact leading industry experts and have them on-board to connect with your clients. It is an incredibly rewarding experience where you have 1...
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If I'm going to succeed at AlphaSights, what will it take to do so?

Given the nature of the job, the learning curve is actually very steep and especially as a Summer Associate you have to constantly be able to adapt and learn on the job. Although they do provide a 1-2 week training for you, the majority of the learning comes from hand-on experience, so be sure to...
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