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Allosense delivers an easy user experience for integrating smart sensors and analyzing data. We're creating "always connected" asset trackers that use satellite and cellular connectivity. Our trackers use a suite of sensors for monitoring high-value assets in real-time.


Business and Technology Analyst

January 2020 San Antonio, TX
“I love working with the Allosense team. I started my internship with them in January 2020 and plan to continue with them until the end of my internship in May 2020. The team is dynamic; each team member is strategically placed to help both the individual and the company grow and develop. Roman, the CEO, is engaging and dedicated to seeing that your comfortable with the work being asked of you and, even more so, works 24/7 to get Allosense on the map. The team, both local and global, is also on top of making sure that you're getting as much back from the experience as you're putting in. I appreciate that the team has weekly meetings to help the rest of the team members know where you are with projects, what good things you've taken away from the previous week and what your goal is for the following week.”
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