All Seasons Landscaping

Landscape Designer Intern

April - June 2016 • Bellevue, ID

What I liked

Getting some real world landscape design and take off/estimating experience was really helpful! The company provided a small 1 bedroom, furnished apartment. It wasn't anything fancy or modern, but it was definitely good enough at the time - especially because they paid the rent and utilities!

What I wish was different

My supervisor was friendly in a way that made this internship a bad idea for women - luckily, last I heard he is no longer with the company. The apartment provided was about 45 minutes away from the office, and maybe 30 minutes away in the opposite direction for shopping. Not a big deal, but something to consider if you don't like commutes.


If you are a woman, be careful in the landscape industry in general. It's a prevalently male industry, and they may behave in ways that would make women very uncomfortable - pornography hung up in the break rooms (not at this particular location!), managers that may not entirely respect physical boundaries, unwanted flirtation, etc. Trust your instincts, listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and protect yourself, please! If you don't feel right about something, trust yourself and look for another position. Again, this is general advise - the manager who made me uncomfortable has long since left the company. Without that discomfort, this really would have been a wonderful internship.
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