All American Pet Proteins

About All American Pet Proteins

All American Pet Proteins is a family-owned, small business that manufactures raw ingredients of the highest quality for pet food inclusion. It is a growing company. In July of 2014, when business began, the company employed just over 20 individuals. Now, All American Pet Proteins employs over 150 associates and produces nearly 3,000,000 pounds of product per week.


Lab Tech I

April 2018 - October 2018 Greeley, CO
“I liked having a job that was science based. It was very different from my student lab assistant job at CSU and exposed me to things I hadn't experienced before. All American Pet Proteins (AAPP) has a lab on their protein processing campus run by people who do not have an education in science. I developed an appreciation for the 'why' of somethings that are just standard in lab protocol. The safety program at AAPP is top notch.”
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