About Aiqudo

Aiqudo’s Voice-to-Action platform lets app developers add a voice-powered interface that enables their apps to understand natural-language commands through a simple onboarding process that takes minutes without coding anything or needing to create an API. App developers remain in control of the brand experience within their app, while providing the convenience and ease-of-use of a voice interface. App developers also benefit from Aiqudo’s platform integrations with popular virtual assistants. They gain broadened access to new voice-computing ecosystems that are growing rapidly without having to create a new interface for each platform.


Product Manager

June 2017 Campbell, CA
“Fast-moving company on the edge of Voice (NLU, NLP) and Digital Assistant. Great team who values making an impact, failing fast, and focusing on user. Exciting and challenging, not many underdogs in the Voice/Digital Assistant space.”

Mobile Data Analyst

March 2019 Campbell, CA
“My experience here so far has been incredible. Having this being my first tech job, it puts me in great position to learn and succeed everyday. It's a very fast pace learning environment, so you're doing something new each week and work doesn't get repetitive. The work culture here is wonderful. Team members are very talented and welcoming. Managers are very flexible and patient by walking you through projects.”
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