Agencía de El Salvador para la Cooperación Internaciónal (ESCO)

About Agencía de El Salvador para la Cooperación Internaciónal (ESCO)

ESCO´s mission is to optimize the opportunities and possibilities of international cooperation for the economic and social development of El Salvador, through new and efficient forms of international linkage. This is accomplished by mobilizing technical and financial support from friendly countries and development partners.

ESCO manages the relationships and communications required to coordinate national and international cooperative agreements. Our team supports inter-agency projects between various ministries and autonomous agencies as well as those projects which are supported by external cooperators.

The International Internship Office is responsible for reviewing projects requesting the assistance of post graduate students earning relevant degrees from recognized universities outside of El Salvador. The office then seeks interested talent from university post graduate programs which align to the project´s needs. Projects are specifically designed so that the selected candidates and local counterparts are able to combine their knowledge and expertise to strengthen the governance of El Salvador.

Selected candidates are encouraged to use their work on projects to inform capstone coursework or scholarly research during or after the completion of projects. It is a chance to showcase talent as an area expert, impact national and international policies and programs, and support efforts to strengthen socioeconomic outcomes for all Salvadorans.


Strategic Communications Specialist

May 2023 - July 2023 San Salvador, San Salvador
“I really enjoyed getting to know my team, and how everyone helped each other out to get work done, instead of competing against each other. Also, being able to put my knowledge about this field in practice helped me to realized that I have the skills to be successful in a professional environment, as well as grow and learn about the different ways companies and countries manage marketing and communications at large. ”
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