Affect Mental Health

About Affect Mental Health

Mission: Accelerate the innovations needed to provide every person in the world with high quality mental healthcare.

Mental illness is the #1 cause of disability and lost productivity worldwide. In a world with Google, Facebook, Lyft, and Tesla, when will technological innovation reach the world of mental health?

The traditional model of venture capitalism has catalyzed spectacular growth across many fields, but fails in the mental health space due to its unique challenges. We believe these failures occurred not because mental health is intractable, but rather from a lack of focused application of talent and resources.

At Affect, we seek to harness contemporary innovations in science and technology to address the challenges of stigma, access, and quality of mental healthcare. Our ambition is to build sustainable enterprises unafraid of transforming traditional approaches to mental health.


Product Manager

June 2018 Boston, MA
“Dynamic environment that prioritized both company and personal/individual growth.”
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