Does anyone have advice for participants who may interview for an architecture graduate position at Aedas?

In my interview, the interviewer asked me to walk him through my portfolio for around 10 minutes, so having your portfolio nicely printed and bound is important. He then asked specific questions relating to my projects. To prepare for explaining your ideas in a clear and concise way can help the ...
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I'm not too familiar with an architecture graduate position, especially at a company like Aedas, so what's the experience like?

This is an entry level position. The content of work varies from team to team and project to project.I came in around 9:30 to 10 am. My supervisor sent to-do-list to me, normally including getting material samples from suppliers, making presentation package, making/updating drawings in computer b...
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Would it be accurate to assume that a major in architecture would be most helpful for a job as an architecture graduate at Aedas?

The major is a perfect fit. I have acquired enough professional knowledge from undergraduate architecture education. It is to be expected that during work, there is always new information and things you do not know how to do, it is fine. My senior colleagues helped me a lot on real project situat...
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