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About AdventHealth West Florida Division

There’s Healthcare. Then There’s Whole-Person Care.

AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital, is now one unified name with the same network you know, and the same care you trust. We’re elevating the standard of your health care with a vast network of medical experts collaborating more seamlessly to provide whole-person care with the full strength of our resources behind you, giving you easy access to the latest technology and advanced medical procedures. Whether you live in a large city or a rural town, whole-person health means a more personal level of care than ever before — physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our whole-hearted commitment to your well-being means we may have a new name, but we still know yours.


Clinical Nurse Resident

October 2019 Tampa, FL
“It was a pilot program and so we were actively involved in shaping the criteria for the next cohort. The teachers were very intellectual and engaging and related content to professional practice through personal experiences and open discussion. Learning was set for all styles including tactile, visual and auditory which helped to nail in the information that we needed for the jobs we were hired to do! AH-T preaches teamwork and support and it can be seen in the work environment.”
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