Advantage Federal Credit Union

Bank Teller

May - August 2019 • Rochester, NY

What I liked

I loved being a teller and I thought it was an awesome and very beneficial experience. Advantage is a great company that truly cares about it's customers, or "members". Whats great is that through this experience, I was able to learn all about banking with accounts, loans, interest rates, and other important aspects of banking and finance. So, for someone who transititoned from the age 18-19 through this position, I thought it was great to learn of all the different ways to start saving my money and how to evaluate my options with my money. For anyone getting a major in the school of business, I would definitely recommend this experience as a steppng-stone in their journey through college. My co-workers were all nice and friendly and always answered any questions I had since the day-to-day processes can get confusing , especially when something goes wrong. I have become close with my co-workers and truly feel as if they helped make my experience as great as it was being a teller.

What I wish was different

I wish I was able to get at least 40 hours a week or more since I did want to work that much over the summer, but I still averaged about 37 hours a week which is still pretty good.


I would recommend taking full advantage of every aspect of the job from the different savings and checking accounts, to the different Loans and CDs that can help provide for your daily lifestyle on top of just working there. I personally opened up a CD and plan on obtaining a car loan from there because the rates are among some of the best in the area. Another aspect is the customer service since you have to deal with dozens of members a day, it helps in developing one's social skills and can even help in establishing connections with some of the members for a future career. And finally, take in the corporate environment and really try to feel whether or not it is for you because finance has a lot do with it so it would be wise to really get a grip of every aspect to it.
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