Advance Memphis

Summer Intern

June - August 2019 • Memphis, TN

What I liked

I really enjoyed the relational nature of the organization, particularly their emphasis on building relationships among staff members, interns, volunteers and Advance's South Memphis neighbors. For a non-profit that is focused on equipping this historic community to beat poverty through workforce development and job creation, I think this authentic, organic approach is the best way I've seen in acheiving that end result. It was truly a joy to come to work every morning!

What I wish was different

If anything, I think that I would have wanted to prepare better for coming into this experience. I really enjoyed working for Advance, but there were times that I was unsure what I was doing when it came to the research I was doing. Ultimately, I had a lot of great experience around me to lean on along the way, and I definitely recognize the importance of learning on the job, but I think going forward I would do more preparation coming into the experience on the things I was told ahead of time I would be doing.


Non-profits and mission driven organizations like Advance are incredible places to gain new perspectives on social issues like poverty, mental health, special needs, etc. I would strongly recommend anyone with a passion for social issues to consider working with an organization like Advance during college (especially early on as you are trying to make decisions on majors and career paths). I did this internship after my freshmen year at school.
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