Advance Housing Inc.

About Advance Housing Inc.

Our Promise.”
We will extend the unique combination of housing, supportive counseling and crisis intervention services that we currently offer to adult populations to include underserved populations such as aging-out youth and dually diagnosed individuals. We will stay committed to the highest professional and ethical standards in our interactions with consumers and the public, and continue the ongoing support and education of staff. We will treat all consumers, family members, staff and the community at large with respect, dignity and fairness.
Community Support Services
Advance Counseling Center
The Advance Counseling Center offers an array of individual outpatient wellness services to support, enhance and improve quality of life for Individuals.

Through the client centered approach, our therapist share activities and ideas to foster skills our clients need. During each session clients learn ways to, manage symptoms, solve their problems, and practice healthy behaviors to help improve their emotional and social wellness.

Dialetical Behavioral Therapy Groups
Our DBT Groups focus on strengthening Mindfulness of emotions, Interpersonal Effectiveness to build and maintain healthier relationships, Emotional Regulation to help build better mood regulation habits and Distress Tolerance coping skills to build and strengthen decision making skills when feeling helpless or overwhelmed.


CIC intern

May 2019 - November 2019 Sparta Township, NJ
“The staff, the supervisor, weekly staff meetings were informative and helpful.”
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