SEO Digital Intern

January - May 2020 • West Haven, CT

What I liked

Loved being able to learn a ton of different skills using many different tools to work on sales, leads, digital marketing, review management, etc. I was able to really make an impact and thought the work i was doing was going to help the company grow and compete in the market. My opinion was valued and the work I did reflected that.

What I wish was different

That the virus didn't happen so I would be able to work in the office more. It was great working from home, but not having that feeling of working in an office stinks, Completely out of control of the company.


It was a fantastic way to really gain knowledge on how the business world works, and how it is to work in the Business to Business market instead of retail. It not only helped build skills for my career, but also what career i want to go into.
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