Adept Manufacturing and Gauging LLC

About Adept Manufacturing and Gauging LLC

Low to medium volume cnc machining. Will train on multiple disciplines related to manufacturing and inspection. Basic mechanical aptitude and motivation are the only prerequisites. Adept is growing and would like to bring on individuals looking for long term employment in a skilled trade.


Entry level machinist

March 2024 West Milwaukee, WI
“The boss is awesome. Very very very knowledgeable and full of wisdom in the world of Machining and CNC Code Writing. Matthew literally seems like he knows everything and even though I've just started here he has told me and I believe him that he can teach me everything I wish to know. I also really like the fact that they machine a lot of medical equipment for the medical industry. That's always a plus because you're giving back to something that's a good cause. Another thing I'm really liking is a lot of their contracts are very long. That means you don't have to do a lot of setup procedures, you don't have to do a lot of different code writing once you do learn the code which I still have to learn and you know what you're going to run into pretty much every single day. It also is a smaller shop but considering how small they are the contracts they take on are fairly big I have to say. It's literally just me, the boss and one other person. I like that because I can get the attention I need from the boss to train me and it's just less people to deal with which is always a plus in my book. My coworker is a great person as well. I literally have no complaints about this place so far. If it keeps going like this I will wind up here forever. I highly highly highly recommend this job if you get an offer from them they are awesome.”
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