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About ACT Aerospace

Since 2004, ACT Aerospace has been a leader in the aerospace and defense industry. With a prime focus on advanced composite structures and a constant desire for improvement, ACTA has developed a reputation as a key player in the industry. Being fully integrated, and able to quickly move through analysis, tooling, and fabrication, we will make any project an easy transition from a build-to-print or open design to a quality part. Our capabilities include hand layed-up laminate construction, filament winding, composite compression molding and large oven curing. aerospace composite design 20+ YEARS OF COMPOSITE DESIGN, ANALYSIS, AND MANUFACTURING SUCCESSFULLY DEVELOPED MANY PROJECTS LEADING TO COMMERCIAL SUCCESS FAST TURN-AROUND ON NEW PROJECTS EXCELLENT WORKFORCE DELIVERING QUALITY WORK IN A TIMELY FASHION EASE OF SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT


Layup Technician

November 2017 - December 2019 Gunnison, UT
“I really liked that this job was in my career field and I have the experience to make me stand out from other applicants when I am graduated and ready for an engineering career.”

Engineering Intern

May 2018 Gunnison, UT
“The work was fun and challenging. I learned something new and useful every day, and my work felt relevant.”
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