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ACR Homes has been making a difference in peoples’ lives since it was founded in 1981. It was voted a Top 12 Workplace six years and voted by its employees #1 twice. (Star Tribune). ACR provides high quality residential health care and assistance for people with disabilities in over 50 locations throughout the Twin Cities. We hire caring and dependable people to work with us in bringing the best quality of life possible to those we support. At ACR, you can make a difference in the lives of some very special people while enjoying a unique and rewarding Job, Internship or Career in one of numerous fulfilling roles. ACR is committed to ensuring exceptional care for the people with disabilities we support and we are also committed to ensuring an exceptional work experience for ALL employees. We commit to be a workplace free of racism and discrimination where all employees feel safe at work. We commit to ensuring the needs of all employees are being addressed and that diversity and inclusion is celebrated throughout our organization for both staff and residents. *UPDATE* We are STILL HIRING through the COVID-19 pandemic as an essential healthcare provider. We consider it a privilege to continue to support our residents with disabilities during this time through excellent patient care, and bringing in new employees who will continue the effort. Our interview processes have changed and will be 30 minutes in length and are held over FaceTime and Skype for the time being. We are all in this together, and not only do we want to support our residents with care, but we want to support our community with jobs. In another effort to keep our residents and staff well, we have implemented new health screenings for employees to complete upon entering our offices for training and when they enter our group homes. Otherwise, since we are a healthcare provider, ACR Homes has always maintained HIGH standards for health, cleaning and wellness to keep our residents safe.


Direct care patients

May 2019 Roseville, MN
“I love the amazing partnership between Mr. & Mrs. Nelson and their staffs that allows undergraduate students like myself to be able to experience hands on training and a wonderful working environment with members of our community that are in need of support. In addition, you as a worker will grow very close to the resident that whom you are working with. Some days they would make you happy, some will be calm, and some would be amazing. I would recommend this internship to other undergraduate who wants to go into the patient care industry. ”

Direct care professional

July 2019 Woodbury, MN
“Working at ACR is a life changing experience. I honestly do not know how I will ever leave because the relationship I have built with my residents. You learn so much valuable information about healthcare, and learn many things about yourself along the way. I cannot recommend working here enough. ”
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