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About Acorn Health

Operating in 7 states, Acorn Health is a standard-setting family of ABA treatment providers. We practice the science of ABA, working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder to encourage them to lead more meaningful and independent lives.

Our behavior analytic professionals develop, apply, and share the latest advances in the science of ABA, always focused on data and outcomes. Acorn Health providers combine proven best practices with pioneering, evidence-based next practices, engaging whole families.

We have five core values that shape how we work and think:
- Authenticity: We present our true, consistent selves. Everyone hungers for genuine connections
- Accountability: We keep our promises, and can be trusted with the life and future of a child
- Teamwork: The best outcomes are produced by people who collaborate with enthusiasm
- Growth: We know the needs of children and their families are unique and ever-changing
- Hustle: In autism care and treatment, time is always of the essence. We do things now

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Behavioral Therapist

October 2018 Miami, FL
“I like the independence and working directly with clients”
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