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About Acme Nerd Games, LLC

We Launched Acme Nerd Games to do good and to bring the power of games to businesses that are looking for new ways to connect with their customers.

Why games? What makes gamification so special? Games excel at promoting learning, empathy, and action and deliver new opportunities to really connect with a brand or cause. We believe a good game can help people thrive while having fun and that a good game is not only good for business, but it can be good for players, too.

Our first game, Houston, We Have Spinach! is a 2D rocket building game that promotes nutrition literacy. The game teaches players about the nutritional value of various food while they’re building rockets and exploring outer space. It’s fun – there’s no mention of obesity or wellness, no lecturing or scolding. Players build a rocket and fuel it with food. Like their own bodies, the rocket's performance will vary based on the food it's fueled by.

At the earliest stages of the game players simply need to get a certain number of calories in the rocket for it to take off. However, as the game progresses, players are challenged with finding certain nutrients and combining them to make the ultimate rocket fuel. With each successful launch, players earn money and can use those funds to buy better rocket parts which will allow them to go deeper into space and explore new planets.


Graphic Artist

January 2018 Mount Horeb, WI
“Great people to work with. Interesting and new ideas and expectations. A fresh new look at the industry and my role in it after college.”
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