Accelerate Wind

About Accelerate Wind

Accelerate Wind is an early-stage startup, focused on helping commercial buildings affordably reach their renewable energy goals. Today we do this through our edge of roof wind turbine which uses modern airfoil shapes to take advantage of the fact that wind speeds are naturally faster at the edges of the roof than other parts of the roof. Our system has been designed alongside scientists at Argonne National Lab, and funded by the National Science Foundation, US Department of Energy, NYSERDA, and many others over the course of our research and development. A core piece of our design involves validated computational fluid dynamics models which allow us to use modern airfoil shapes to direct wind coming over the edge of a building towards a wind turbine.

Our team is passionate about sustainability, customer-focused, and looking to develop scalable solutions to climate change.


Computational Flow Modeling Intern

May 2020 - October 2020 Rochester, NY
“The work was engaging and fun, and the community at Accelerate Wind is a great one.”
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