Academic Resource Center

About Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers a comprehensive set of academic services and programs to support the development and advancement of UMO students. Our philosophy is that support and mentoring programs are vehicles for fellowship and service. Our dedicated team of student and professional staff offers a range of free services including Peer Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and Learning Accountability.

Our programs are actively engaged in institutional advancement initiatives that target student retention and academic engagement and have been recognized by the administration as a key component of the institution's foundations.

As a member of the Learning Commons, the Academic Resource Center collaborates with and encourages the use of the Writing Center, Career Development & Student Accessibility Services, the Moye Library, and Academic Advising.


Front Desk Receptionist

June 2022 Riverside, CA
“I appreciated the fact that I was offered a job due to my participation in the Academic Resource Center's services. I enjoyed utilizing their tutoring, supplemental instruction, and R'Success workshops, which all helped me during my first academic year at UCR. Thus, many of the professional staff members were already acquainted with me, and were willing to offer me an interview for the opportunity to work and utilize my work-study offer. ”
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