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In a decade, Absolute Internship has formed into a leading international internship program. We enable university students and graduates to develop their career aspirations across the globe. Our programs take place in Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, and Tokyo. Absolute Internship is a pioneering firm working with world-class companies to provide life-changing opportunities to our participants. Our award-winning programs aim to develop both the personal and professional skill sets of those who enroll, allowing ambitious individuals to follow their passions alongside other like-minded students from all around the globe. Absolute Internship is frequently featured as an industry-leader on renowned media outlets such as The New York Times, BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, and Sky News. We are dedicated to providing international opportunities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to find, and with a growing number of talented participants joining us each year, Absolute Internship continues to help students and graduates step out of their comfort zones and follow their dreams – wherever they may be.


Graphic Design Intern

May 2019 - July 2019 Singapore, Central
“I loved connecting with other interns from local universities abroad in Singapore. Sharing the experience of a new culture while developing professional skills was enriching and inspiring. Being given the opportunity to work on editorial design material for diverse companies and collaborating with Singaporeans on creative projects to achieve a collective goal --was one of the many highlights of being abroad with Absolute. ”


July 2020 - September 2020 Abidjan, Ivory Coast
“ I would definitly recommend absolute internship to every student desiring to have a remote internship with a company abroad. I truly enjoyed my two experiences with them the first being a finance Intership in London and the second one being a finance remote internship. During my remote internship, the Absolute Internship was constently available and checking on me to make sure that my internship was doing great. Moreover, during the remote internship we had a platform with information about how to succeed our internship; and we had online share meetings to connect with the other interns. They matched me with a private investment companies and this was a major steps for me to helps me grow towards my careers goals. I really enjoyed my remote internship opportunity because as an international student I was able to go back home and then travel back for the beginning of class all of that while completing my internship.”
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