Ability Care Partners, Inc.

About Ability Care Partners, Inc.

Ability Care Partners provides PCA Choice services, a program offered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, giving people with disabilities the option to recruit, manage and supervise their own PCA's in partnership with a PCA Choice Provider. As our business name implies, we strive to create a true partnership with our clients. In this partnership, we guide our clients, as needed, while we handle the administrative duties (background checks, payroll, liability insurance/bonds, etc). Our client’s are responsible for recruiting, training, scheduling and directing their PCA's.Our team has years of first-hand experience in the care giving service, allowing us to know and utilize every option and resource available. We go the extra mile to build a great Partnership with our clients.


Personal Care Assistant

February 2017 Minneapolis, MN
“I enjoyed connecting with and building a meaningful relationship my client. I also learned a great deal about the disability community which was insightful.”
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