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Boutique management/production company focused on features in the independent film space. Alongside our partner, Spec Scout, we review thousands of feature film projects a year for development and matching with producer and financier partners.


Script Coverage Intern

June 2020 - September 2020 Los Angeles, CA
“This internship is a perfect crash course on script coverage. You read such a variety of scripts that can be absolutely terrible or absolutely amazing, and each script contains a unique and valuable lesson about screenwriting because each script is so different. If you want to work in the entertainment industry or produce content for this industry, this is the internship for you. Script coverage is such a vital tool, and this internship hands you that tool. It really opened my eyes to story mechanics and allowed me to analyze scripts from both the development and artistic perspective. Finally, it's awesome to see which scripts you cover are actually made into movies and to understand why and how that happens. ”

Script Coverage Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Los Angeles, CA
“Script coverage is something film students often hear that they will have to do in entry-level positions. This internship is a great way to get a crash-course in coverage writing. It was very helpful to have a detailed outline of what should be written about in the coverage. It was exciting to get to read scripts that are going to be produced or have already been produced. This internship pushed me to think beyond whether or not a script is good and point to specific strengths and weaknesses.”
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