Abacus Therapies LLC

About Abacus Therapies LLC

Founded by parents of a child with Autism, Abacus Therapies helps children with developmental differences and their families.

We do this by providing the most relevant evidence-based behavioral and developmental therapies.

Our interventions help children with autism: learn new skills and behaviors, want to be more social, and want warm, connected relationships with parents, siblings, peers and significant others.
Most children with ASD, if given early, intensive intervention have the potential to become quite functional in society.

These kids are able to make major improvements in their language and social skills, given the right opportunities.

Our therapists are trained to have a deep knowledge, understanding and respect for your child and family and how to help them succeed.

Through this relationship, we engage in intuitive results-oriented therapy that helps your child flourish!


Registered behavior technician

July 2019 Miami, FL
“I love interacting with kids and help them grow to be more independent ”
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