Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

About Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

The Aark is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation and education center. The founder of the Aark, Mary Jane Stretch, is one of the nation’s leading authorities on wildlife rehabilitation. Our Executive Director, Leah Stallings, is the daughter of Mary Jane and a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Combined, these two women have over 70 years of experience in wildlife rehabilitation. The work of the Aark is divided into three major areas – rehabilitation, education and training; each with the common goal of fostering the care and understanding of wildlife.


Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer

April 2016 Chalfont, PA
“Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center is an amazing organization in which the owner and all the workers dedicate their free time to help save and rehabilitate hurt wildlife animals that are injured by anthropological forces. My duties as an volunteer include but are not limited to feeding and handling wildlife animals, along with cleaning and sanitizing the animal enclosures, helping with animal intake, medical care, and educational assistance.. This experience is the perfect way that I can gain information about proper wildlife handling and nutrition along with having a once in a life time hands on experience with wildlife animals native to Pennsylvania. Not only do I get to work with animals that many individuals may not have a chance to handle, but I get to help guide them along their way to wellness. Many animals come in the clinic as abandoned babies, so my job is to help them grow and eventually release them back into their natural environment. I loved helping out my fellow volunteers, as the clinic gets overwhelming and packed with babies and injured animals. I also have a chance to educate the public about wildlife handling, care, information regarding difference specie behaviors, diseases, and rabies. ”
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