A Safe Haven Foundation

Development Intern

May - July 2017 • Chicago, IL

What I liked

I really liked that I worked in the city and had resources around me that I wouldn't normally have here in Adrian. Even though I'm from a big city, it was still a culture shock and it opened my eyes to many new experiences. I loved the organization itself and how effective the company was overall. There was one day where the CEO talked about the history and his role and it was so empowering because you don't usually have those experiences. I loved how it got me out of my comfort zone and I appreciated my major more.

What I wish was different

I think one thing I wish would have different is if I learned how to learn how to deal with conflict better in different areas. Prep for an internship may have been nice because I think expected one thing, and I got something else out of the internship.


Don't take the experience lightly. No matter how many obstacles you run into, each day is a new day. Also, make sure to ask questions. If you have conflicts with anyone or have conflicts with events, make sure to adress them properly.
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