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About 1st Day School Supplies

1st Day School Supplies the nation’s fastest growing custom school supply company and one of Northeast Ohio's fastest growing companies. We hire college age students who are either athletes, honors students, or people who give back to their communities. We also provide a job placement and career networking service where we help you find a job after you graduate.


Line Lead

May 2023 Hinckley, OH
“ This summer internship will provide you with a multitude of skills and networking opportunities. The first skills that come to mind are communication, time-management, and comradery. These skills apply to any position you may find yourself in on the line and further in your professional career. Not to mention, the amazing treatment that the Meadows family and rest of the staff give you make you feel genuinely cared for and respected. Additionally, you will find yourself truly buying into the system at 1st Day. It's an environment that so unique and one that you won't want to leave. This is the perfect internship for students early on in their careers looking for internship experience and good compensation. ”

Summer Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Hinckley, OH
“Very good atmosphere and all around attitude. Owners are great and always love to hear feed back. They provide lunches for all employees at least once a week, have different guest speakers come in throughout the summer to talk, and really do seem to care about each and every employee. It is also great to be able to work as a team and be surrounded by your peers every day. ”
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