Why be a Tax Intern at EY?

Why be a Tax Intern at EY?
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Former Tax Intern at EY LLP

over 2 years ago
What motivated me to become a Tax intern is the type of work I do. Before I talk about that though, let me clarify something for the young college students going into recruitment, SLPs, internships, etc. People say that if you are social or outgoing you choose Audit because Tax is where the introverts who love to sit at desks are. First, why does going to the client site make one more social? Does that mean all the programmers, product designers, etc. at tech companies are introverts? Don’t choose the service line you go into based on those stereotypes: Figure out what is the best fit for you via networking with professionals (Besides, I socialized with my fellow co-workers in the office—it just depends on who you are). Alright, the type of work I do. Being a Tax professional means that you are given financial information (like in audit), but you have to fit these pieces of financial information together to get a single number: Tax (as opposed to reviewing them). The way you arrange these pieces of financial information can alter the tax number. The goal of the work is to legally reduce the taxes the client pays. This increases the client’s ability to improve their business, work-culture, and so on. The first few years you are essentially putting those tax forms together, but as you reach the senior manager and partner level you are working with the client on various matters: Should we purchase this? What are the tax implications if we change from a Sole Proprietor to a Corporation? How can we provide our employees with health insurance at the most cost-efficient way? How do we structure our company? Tl;dr: My motivation into becoming a Tax intern was that it was more problem solving. Both audit and tax provides value to the clients, but I preferred the value tax gave rather than audit.
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