What skills do I need to do well as a Packaging Engineer?

What skills do I need to do well as a Packaging Engineer?
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Former Packaging Assistant at Unilever

over 3 years ago
The awesome thing about Packaging Engineering is the environment that it brings. While attending classes and studying hard at school is very important I found success in using people skills as a Packaging Engineer. Communication, Organization, and Work Ethic are three things that I would consider crucial to being a Packaging Engineer. These skills will not only help students to succeed on co-op but will also tremendously aid in their professional development. Co-op is all about learning and building connection through work experience and people skills will br important in building relationships in order to learn from co-workers. Using these skills students will be able to learn and acquire (in my opinion) more knowledge then they would obtain in classes by applying them to real world packaging applications. Aside from people skills, I would say a general understanding of packaging materials, statistical analysis, critical thinking/problem solving skills, and writing skills are important as a packaging co-op and professional.
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