What is the purpose of a maintenance engineer?

What is the purpose of a maintenance engineer?
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Former Maintenance Engineering Intern at Ford Motor Company

over 3 years ago
Maintenance engineers (often called just mechanical or manufacturing engineer as well, typically have same type of job description) are, in essence, the people that keep the production line from slowing down. The operators working on the line can often correct very small errors in products or the flow of the line, but for big faults that cause the line to stop an excessive amount of time, that is when the maintenance engineers step in. They lead the team of the skilled trades of what to fix and when. They also create schedules for planned maintenance to ensure the machines get tended to by the skilled trades every so often (check bolts to see if they are tight, change oil, etc). They order the spare parts needed for fixes on machines, like I said, pretty much anything you can think of to keep a production line from stopping.

Former Unknown Title at Caterpillar Diesel

almost 3 years ago
Maintenance engineers they care about the safety first. they use moderate tools and they can do programing for any electronic device. they can read the prints for electric, hydraulic and pneumatic schematics. they can fabricate the parts needed to improve the job and machine it in proper way. they not just fixing the problems but they seek the root cause the problem by applying the methods of failure analysis ( fatigue, normal stress ,shear stress, overload..etc.). they building their skills. they know what type of tools the job needs. Machines now are all controlled by computers and Maintenance engineers are able to build a team of technician and give them training and teach them of how use the IT tools this will help any manufactures to reduce the time of fixing the machines and keeps the production line going.Some might complain that young people today are being too picky, not wanting to get their hands dirty and get the tough jobs done. I believe that they’re rightly striving to do more with their lives, to not only work harder but smarter. The good news is, you need more tech skills to complement your manufacturing skills and that’s exactly what the Maintenance engineers have to offer.

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