What is it like to be a Restoration Intern at NPS?

What is it like to be a Restoration Intern at NPS?
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Elwha River Restoration Intern at National Park Service

about 2 years ago
A day in the life depends on whether the intern is working at the National Park or with the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe. If working at the National Park, we meet at Park HQ Natural Resource Management at 8am sharp, and rive together to the Matt Albright Native Plant Center. Duties at the Native Plant Center include transplanting, seed collecting/processing, propagating cuttings, washing pots, etc. If working with LEKT, we arrive at the Tribe's Natural Resource Management building at 7am, and spend the day visiting a variety of sites along the river to manage invasive plant and noxious weed populations. This usually includes manual removal and/or herbicide application. We usually get home around 5pm, and there is a 30-40min break for lunch around noon.
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