What does a UX Researcher at Accenture do?

What does a UX Researcher at Accenture do?
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Former UX Researcher at Accenture

about 2 years ago
Being a UX researcher is amazing, in general! It's all about translating real world needs into solutions. Listening to people and advocating for them is your job as a researcher, and at Accenture I still consider this to be true. In my current work in the federal space (at Accenture Federal Services), I gather stories from government stakeholders and produce meaningful insights to help guide how the United States delivers services. When I was working internally (at Accenture Corporate), I had access to every part of Accenture, and was expected and encouraged to leverage our global network. I phone conducted interviews with people on every continent. It was a unique experience for someone of my experience level.
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