Must dos in my interview for a Design intern at Apple?

Must dos in my interview for a Design intern at Apple?
2018-07-12T22:59:46Z 1

Former Hardware Design Intern at Apple Inc

over 2 years ago
You would need 3 tools to make it into any company- a) Excellent and descriptive Linkedin profile. b) Short but smart resume. c) Short statement of purpose in resonance with your intent. Your Linkedin profile is the gateway. Every time you apply for an internship make sure you include your URL for linkedin. ( So make it look good! ) resume should be short but should not miss out key factors ( don't include things that are not relevant like - languages known, your 3rd grade science project) SOP is important. As an hardware engineer aspirant, highlight your labs and project that you have done and try and make a small statement where your intent is to use the lab skills to contribute to the companies progress. NOTE : take analogue courses, devices and labs. But work really hard on python and C++. ( highlight in CV you can code)
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