Is there a way I can prepare for an interview for a Strategy Intern position at Accenture?

Is there a way I can prepare for an interview for a Strategy Intern position at Accenture?
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Former Strategy Intern at Accenture

almost 2 years ago
After I saw the employment information in a chatting group, I immediately send my
resume and a personal statement written specifically for the job. In the resume I make
detailed description about my two-academic experience in consulting, including my role
in the group, methods we have taken to fulfill the job and our achievement. While in the
personal statement, I mentioned my interest in consulting, claiming that this opportunity
will benefit both of us since I will learn more about consulting from my hard work. I
believe by emphasizing my status as a fourth-grade undergraduate student also helped
me getting the job. I have listed my available working time to be five days a week and
eight hours a day.
Besides the delivery of my resume and personal statement, I receive my interview two
weeks later when I had a 40 minutes conversation with one worker of Accenture who
later becomes my college in the consulting program. In the interview, I made a self-
introduction concerning my major, grades, academic activities, skills and so on. And we
then go further to one of my consulting experiences which is an experience related to
artificial intelligent market in China. Before the interview, I have reread my report for
both of my consulting project and keep most detailed information in mind. Having
prepared well, I describe how we collect information and built up the structure of the
final report. My interviewer was particularly interested in our report design, so after the
interview, I sent our program report to him along with explanation of why we did so in
the email. The advisor also asked me to talk about any market that I am interested in
and to predict the future of that market. At that time, I was writing my thesis Nd the
topic is shared bike in China. So, I made use of what I collected during my thesis
preparation and describe the market in a logical way. To sum up, it is my preparation that
helped me in getting the internship.
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