In what ways does my role as a data entry specialist contribute to JP Morgan's mission?

In what ways does my role as a data entry specialist contribute to JP Morgan's mission?
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Former Data Entry Specialist at JP Morgan

over 3 years ago
Data entry specialists are responsible for the conversion from a paper application to its digital self. When all such applications that are processed become accepted online, this position will be obsolete for 99% of workers. Until the cheaper, faster, and less liable to error option is found, data entry specialists are critical to providing excellent customer service-- a fast, accurate data entry specialist will process each application carefully and completely. It may be the only place where scanning issues are caught, for example. An inaccurately typed application could be immediately rejected, could be flagged for potential concern, or a number of other things. One of the other Chase values is a "Great Team," but at this level, there are no opportunities for bonuses. There may be a small increase when you convert from a temporary contractor to a permanent worker, and they will occasionally do some workplace trivia questions (where are the emergency exits) for candy prizes, but aside from some reusable bags, there are no great monetary incentives. On some shifts, there will be cupcakes for individuals whose birthdays were the preceding month. However, due to the nature of data entry, talking a lot with coworkers while working is discouraged, particularly speaking loudly. One shift was regularly instructed not to speak to one another unless it was about work. As far as data entry goes, it is not over reliant on teamwork, aside from training.
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