If I were preparing to interview for a data engineering manager job at Microsoft, what should I know?

If I were preparing to interview for a data engineering manager job at Microsoft, what should I know?
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Former Principal Group Data Engineering Manager at Microsoft

almost 3 years ago
Microsoft is a large company and the requirements are often different. Based on the title, it seems, this position is for an Engineering team in one of the businesses. With that assumption, Principal Group Data Engineering Manager is a very senior level position in Microsoft. It is equivalent to Sr. Director position in similar companies. This is a leadership position - manager of managers. A Group Engineering Manager often responsible for Engineering of hundreds of millions of dollars of products and many have thousands of followers in the social media.
Typical requirement for this groups is :
1. Experience and career journey
2. Leadership and People management skills
3. Technical Skills such as Ability to handle very large data, Open source tools
4. Ability to be hands-on/DIY
5. Past experience in Software Engineering in large technology companies
6.Formal engineering/science training etc..
So, you should demonstrate the traits discussed above. Your past experience should show that you have managed teams and dealt with people management issues. You should have hired and managed transition of people. Be prepared for other leadership questions.
You may be asked deep technical questions of data, storage/compute issues, basic software engineering fundamentals, data modelling, different ML techniques, SPARK etc.
Be prepared to discuss development methodology [Agile/Waterfall]. testing methodologies, Software design and architecture.
People at this level, are expected to have soft traits such as "Story Telling", "Collaboration", "Critical Thinking", "Influencing Matrix Org".
Finally, industry experience is important. Try to relate your answers with your past experience.
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