Any advice before interviewing for a Fisheries Tech position?

Any advice before interviewing for a Fisheries Tech position?
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Former Fisheries Tech IV at Alaska Department of Fish and Game

almost 2 years ago
The best preparation method would be to learn as much about the position prior to the interview. Job descriptions will contain key words about the type of work to be performed, and you should take the time to thoughtfully reflect how your past experiences might qualify you to be successful in the position you are applying for. Many interviews are conducted by phone, and it is important to feel comfortable and confident in this "conference call" setting. I took advantage of this interview style by preparing notes to keep on hand which reminded me how I might respond to possible questions. One preparation strategy is to ask the hiring manager for a copy of the Operation Plan for the project you will be applying for. Some managers might agree to email this to you in advance, but others could be restricted for various reasons. Regardless, this request will show that you are eager to learn more and somewhat knowledgeable about the organization and structure of ADFG fisheries projects. If you do get the Op. Plan, read it thoroughly and pay attention to the responsibilities section where the duties of a Tech IV position will be clearly articulated. This also gives you a clear idea of what you might be getting yourself into!
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