So.. what exactly does a correctional officer do?

So.. what exactly does a correctional officer do?
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Former Correctional Sergeant at Oregon Department of Corrections

almost 3 years ago
A day in the life of a correctional officer is tumultuous to say the least. It is common knowledge to correctional staff that you will be paid for the ten percent of your day when you are actively engaged in a physical and or mental battle with an inmate. The majority of your time is spent surveying and observing inmates and their behavior, sometimes good sometimes bad. There is a constant stream of inmate movement that requires hyper vigilance, situational awareness, and the ability to follow rules, procedures, and the Revised Statutes currently in place in Oregon. You must have thick skin, you will be called every name in the book, you will have bodily fluids thrown on you, and they have 24/7 to devise a way to compromise you. In my 14 years I received death threats on a weekly basis, I observed attempted murders, physical altercations, body mutilation, and staff get compromised. Suicides are common in prion, both inmates and staff, you have to be prepared to intervene, you may have to resuscitate an individual. It is not necessarily a physical job all the time, it is however, extremely mentally fatiguing. It will destroy your home life f you can not leave work at work, it changes our personality. It is not a job for the physically week or week minded. It is a tough job overall.

Intelligence Liaison Officer at Ohio Department of Public Safety

over 1 year ago
Honestly we are adult babysitters at the end of the day. If you treat the inmates with respect your job will be easy. If you go above and beyond your job then it will be hard and you put yourself at risk for an assault. The job itself can be stressful if you make it, so it's best to have outlets outside of work so you don't consume yourself with prison stuff all the time. If I didn't get anything else out of this my sense of trouble is really high to a point my hair rises at any sign of trouble anywhere I go....
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